Current and Past Work

This is a gallery of previous custom works and also products. Not everything here is still available and all custom items are previous works and already sold to the persons that ordered them.

EVA Foam Nose

Lion Head Base

Wolf Head Base #1

Domed Eye Frame Kit

My Sona Beverly Drawn by Natalia Wilddog

Arm wing patterns for a bat.

Inner Shell Head Base Frame

Chibi Fox 3D Headbase Model

Toony Sergal 3D Headbase Model

Reptile Eyes # 1 - #9 (RP)

Double Layered Reversible Headbase Inner Liner

Plush Minky Fursuit Head Tongues

Reptile Eyes #19 - #27 (RP)

Reptile Eyes #10 - # 18 (RP)

Toony Raptor Bird 3D Headbase Model

Toony Fox 3D Headbase Model

Chibi Smiling Dragon 3D Headbase Model

Toony Dutch Angel Dragon 3D Headbase Model

Chibi Cat 3D Headbase Model

Toony Wolf 3D Headbase Model

Budget Lycra Balaclava

Resin High Durability Beginner Fursuit Eye Frames

Heart Style Eye Mesh #1 - #27 (HR) Twinkle Style Eye Mesh #1 - #27 (TW)

Sleepy Yeen Custom Hyena Head Base

African Wilf Dog Custom Headbase

Tiger Bobcat Hybrid Custom Headbase

Puma Mountain Lion Custom Big Cat Headbase

Honduran Bat Custom Headbase

Eye mesh in progress. My mesh is all fully designed, made and packaged here in my studio space by me. I don't work with 3rd party companies.

Lynx Custon Wild Big Cat Headbase

Wolf #2 Custom Headbase

Jelly Bean the Lion - Premade Lion Fursuit Head (SOLD)