Beans In Things

Hiya!    My name is Wendy! I am a hobbiest in the Pacific Northwest of the United states. I live for cosplay, anime and all things furry! I'm kinda shy at heart but through my craft I have met hundreds of wonderful people and it has let me feel like I can open up and be myself a little bit. 

  I started my small shop in 2019 with a few   mesh eyes designs and custom fursuit head bases. My line has now grown to over 90 different eye options, many kinds of meshes and materials and I am even expanding to make my own headbases and projects kits!

  I've learned so much and look forward to all the smiles I'll make in my future as we welcome lots of new folks to the community through my works! 

About Beans in Things:

  Beans in Things was established in 2019. Many friends have helped me to grow it into what it is today. Beans in Things is based in Tigard, Oregon. 

  Several folks help to test out my products, a large one being Dragons Den Fursuits and a big shout out to Weasels on Easels for helping me market my work and learn to make my own molds.

 Local Events: 

  To date J have not yet attended at any local events, but some of my friends sometimes sell for me at cons.

 Custom Work:

  Right now I am not really taking much custom work. When I am, my slots are listed in my shop. I only work on 1-2 projects at a time and I don't take deadlines or payment plans outside of what Etsy allows with Klarna.

  I do not make custom eyes, however I have over 90 options in my shop in my ever growing line as well as frames, kits and many kinds of blank meshes to make your own. 

About Me:

  I am 31 years (at the time of posting!) and hail from the grand city of Los Angeles, a city so hot off the press it's generally burning down most days. I traded in 3 seasons of summer for a milder climate up north, replacing 10 months of exhausting heat for 10 months of unrelentless rain. 

  The good new is that it actually makes fursuiting and cosplay somewhat tolerable most months of the year. Having fallen in love with the local scenery, I may just stick around a while.

Fun Facts:

  I'm a real person writing this and not just a German Sheppard dressed as a human dressed as a German Sheppard. I promise.

  My sona's name is Beverly, based from the area I grew up near as a kid. She is a German Sheppard like my grandma's dog from when I was little. 

  My favorite color is pink and if you didn't know, my favorite snack is baked beans. Just kidding. I love donuts with sprinkles on any day of the week. Cake donuts are the best.

 Thanks for stopping by!

Best wishes,

Aka, Beverly the G. Shep

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